Campaign Services

Campaign Plan

Just as it would be unwise to embark on a cross-country trip without a road map, it is similarly unwise to embark on a political campaign without a plan. Paramount Communications develops a comprehensive Campaign Plan for each of its clients which serves as a road map to victory. The Plan outlines the theme and strategy of the campaign, covering every component from direct mail to signage, and includes budgets, cash flow schedules, and a campaign timeline.

Direct Mail

Paramount Communications produces hard-hitting direct mail with eye- catching design and powerful copy. Recognizing that voters are flooded with political mail during election season, we seek to make our client’s pieces “stand out” in the clutter. That means working with highly creative designers and persuasive wordsmiths to ensure that our mail is successful in gaining the attention of busy voters and motivating them with a message that convinces them to vote for our clients.

Broadcast Media

Not every voter responds to a piece of political mail. Sadly, much political mail is left unread, occupying the bottom of a circular file at the Post Office. That’s why television and radio remain important and often critical tools for communicating with voters. In smaller, rural areas of California, broadcast media is relatively inexpensive and should always be considered part of a candidate’s “media mix.” Commuters stuck in traffic during rush hour can often best be reached through a radio ad, while working families too tired to read through the stack of political brochures and postcards clogging their mailbox, may respond to a TV message appearing during the 6 PM or 11 PM local news. Paramount Communications works with an array of outstanding television and radio production teams, voice talent, and scriptwriters to produce ads that convey the message we seek to deliver to the voters.


In this cyberspace-dominated era, any local campaign that ignores the importance of the Internet and a Web presence does so at its own peril. Politics is about communicating a message and the Internet is the fastest-growing way of communicating with voters and constituents. Paramount Communications works with tech-savvy professionals who are experts at creating high-impact campaign websites, digital marketing, and developing on-line surveys, newsletters and blogs.

Voter Contact

Grassroots voter contact is still the name of the game in many local elections. Paramount Communications develops successful grassroots strategies, voter and precinct-targeting programs, as well as absentee ballot, autodial and get-out-the-vote drives. We will develop the campaign kits and scripts your volunteers need to walk precincts and telephone voters. Our voter data experts can produce highly-targeted walk and mailing lists which permit your campaign to communicate specific messages to specific voter sub-groups.

Earned Media

Garnering free publicity in the local press should always be an objective of every campaign. Reporters are often hungry for news stories. Paramount Communications will prepare and distribute your news releases and ghostwrite “letters-to-the-editor” for distribution to your campaign volunteers and supporters.

Polling & Opposition Research

In a political campaign, it is critical to know as much as possible about your voters and their attitudes as well as the background of your opponent(s). Only with this type of information can appropriate strategies be developed to ensure success at the ballot box. Research is always the first step in any major undertaking and a political campaign is just that. Paramount Communications can provide your campaign with pollsters and opposition research consultants who can thoroughly analyze your district, its voters, and the nature of the opposition.