Social Media

Social media and digital marketing are revolutionizing political campaigns in America.

Donald Trump’s unlikely campaign for President proved the power of social media. By employing a sophisticated social media campaign at the expense of more traditional forms of mass communication, our new President was able to defeat his better-funded opponent by spending half of what she did!

Social media is cost-effective.

That’s why many savvy candidates are turning to social media, even in local campaigns.

And, it’s not just a question of saving dollars and cents. Social media and digital advertising really work!

This article explains a lot: How Social Media has Changed Politics

While the traditional forms of political media will still remain very important and should never be downplayed, direct mail, television, radio, and print are being increasingly pushed aside by Facebook, Twitter, Pininterest, Linkedin, and YouTube as forms of communicating and ( more significantly ) actually interacting with voters on an ongoing basis.

In past years, candidates would walk door to door, trying to get their message out to voters on the front porch. Nowadays, no one is usually home. They may not be home, but they are on their mobile devices. They are instant messaging on Facebook. They are talking to their friends on social media.

Social media is now the preferred way of grassroots political campaigning!

It is the modern-day version of walking precincts!

Can you afford to miss out on developing a vigorous digital marketing program for your next campaign?

In the run-up period to the actual election, social media offers you the opportunity – through fan and follower growth campaigns – to build or expand your existing network of volunteers and donors, as well as people who will put up a yard sign or place a bumper sticker on their car. These are the people who will talk to their friends and neighbors about you and your campaign.

Social media provides a level of access and engagement with fans, friends, and followers that is unmatched by any traditional marketing endeavors. For political candidates who are looking to build awareness and a strong community here are just a few of the many benefits:

  • Gain Voter Insights – get first-hand knowledge about who these individuals are, what they like and stand for, and how they feel about your platform.
  • Increase Awareness – being visible and many places at once makes it easier for you to connect with your base. Connecting with these voters early in your campaign efforts can help retain them throughout the campaign and create advocates for your campaign, encouraging others to vote as well.
  • Run targeted advertising – social advertising is cost-effective and puts your message right in front of those who would be most interested in seeing it. These campaigns can be segmented by specific demographics, income brackets, geographic areas, interests, behaviors, and much more.
  • Present a More Genuine Version of Yourself – social media enables individuals, businesses, and organizations to develop a level of transparency and rapport that was non-existent in the past. Your audience has come to expect this level of access and by engaging with followers regularly your campaign can see a great deal of organic growth
  • Increase Website Visits & Donations – by promoting content, news, events, and other information that lives on your website through social media, you can funnel visitors back to your website where you have greater control over your message and growing your base. In addition when your website content is shared or reposted by others it dramatically increases your ranking in the search engines as well.
  • Social Monitoring – social media is a public platform which means it is easy to track what your competitors are doing. You can easily set up streams which help keep track of all the key efforts they are making.
  • Share Content Quickly – a strong campaign often relies on information getting to the public in a variety of ways to help them make informed decisions. Social media helps you get the word out and share relevant news and content from any website in mere moments.

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